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About Desert Jewells

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Desert Jewells has been established since 1996. Elizabeth, the owner of Desert Jewells has lived on the opal fields for 23 years, giving her many interesting opportunities to live on the opal fields. She has grown to know the opal miner's, to experience opal mining herself and has been able to know the fields where the opals come from.

Elizabeth buys her opals direct from the miner's and passes on wholesale prices. Elizabeth has worked with opal for 30 years and she has travelled the world to expand her skill's in cutting and inlaying the stone and incorporating it with precious and non precious gems. Her business Desert Jewells reflects her lifetime relationship with Australian opal, which she say's has a unique charm of it's own.

Over the years, Elizabeth has expanded her range of Jewellery embracing opal in 925 Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold, with outstanding fashion designs that appeal to all age's and budgets. Elizabeth enjoys the fact that opal is our national Gemstone and also a birthstone for those born in October. A dazzling showcase of opals and opal jewellery featured on this website are updated with new designs and new opal as they are made and when new opal parcels are sourced.

Each piece made by Desert Jewells goes through many different stages and hours of care are spent on each piece before it reaches our customers. Desert Jewells only uses high quality opal mined in Andamooka south Australia. The opal fields are known for there high quality opal, and are found to be very stable. The opals are carefully selected and are cut by hand to suit each design by professional opal cutters. The opals are solid and are 5mm or more in thickness depending on design, The solid opal allows us to resize rings without damage to the stone. Resizing is only guaranteed when carried out by Desert Jewells.

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